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Socio-economic profile


Founded in 1937, Baie-Comeau has quickly established itself as a location for several leading multinationals. Whether for its year round accessible deep water seaport or for its access to potential forestry, hydraulic and mining northeast Canada, Baie-Comeau has earned a place that has prompted several global giants to establish:

  • Alcoa Baie-Comeau is largest of its smelters;
  • Cargill Limited holds its largest grain elevators in eastern Canada;
  • Resolute Forest Products of Baie-Comeau has its largest pulp and paper factory;
  • Hydro-Québec generates more than 30% of Québec's electricity from its facilities in the Manicouagan area.

Baie-Comeau City, eager to expand the range of possibilities offered by its world class seaport, is involved in the construction of a rail link between the port and the regional industrial park, as well as in the development of a transshipment center. This industrial park, with an area of 144 hectares, has all the attributes to become a springboard to the north east Canada. Similarly, hydropower, major instrument of economic growth, contributes to the strength of the industrial complex of Baie-Comeau. In addition to providing an environment for sustainable development for enterprises, Baie-Comeau offers a unique living environment. Few cities, if any other in the world, has a major industrial complex at the heart of a global reserve like the Biosphere World Reserve Manicouagan-Uapishka.

Finally, its privileged road access granted by the Highway 389, the only north east canadian road, confirms Baie-Comeau as a root for any exceptional business development project of this vast territory. Here in Baie-Comeau you will enjoy a unique strategic positioning that will allow your company to advantageously register in a global market constantly evolving. From here, you have seaborne access to national, North American and international markets through the St. Lawrence River.

Strategic elements :

  • Year round accessible seaport offering Intermodal transport;
    • Seaborne access to national, North American and international markets through the St. Lawrence River;
    • Its seaport provides openings to Europe, South America, Africa and Asia markets, as well as the Northwest passage;
  • Proximity to raw materials (aluminum, electricity, forestry, mining, land);
  • Skilled workforce, trained in all the trades required by a modern economy with low turnover and strong sense of belonging;
  • Remoteness areas of high urban concentration;
  • Dynamic business network;
  • Status of World Biosphere Reserve confirming the Manicouagan area as a model of world-class sustainable development;
  • Quality of life.

Main sectors of activity

  • Mining
  • Aluminum
  • Lumber and pulp and paper
  • Tourism
  • Port Activities
  • Transshipment grain
  • Hydroelectricity


Population : 23 000

Languages (pop. years and over) :

  • French: 70%
  • English and other 8%
  • Bilingual: 22%

Education :

  • High school: 45%
  • College: 30%
  • University: 18%

To contact the City of Baie-Comeau :

Richard Fournier
Senior Advisor to the sustainable management and planning
Phone: 418 296-8108
Email : Opens window for sending